Guidelines for job posting

The guidelines below are recommended by findera to provide a good experience for viewers and job seekers. After you post a job, a findera admin will review your post and enable it as an ad on the homepage and search page.

General Requirements
  • Your post should be a real and currently available job
  • Your posts should be available to all qualified candidates regardless of age, race, gender and sexual orientation
  • Your post should not cost candidates anything to apply, interview and begin work
  • Your post should not take interested candidates through a complicated set up process, in order to complete the application process
  • Information gathered in the application process should be shared carefully within your company and never made available to 3rd parties.
Other Recommendations
  • Don’t use offensive content
  • Don’t use clickbait in the job summaries
  • Use your own content that represents you or your organization
  • Offer a real job (spam, scams and other offers will not be shown and your account may be evaluated)
  • Provide true details on the job posts